About us

We Design, Print, Peal and Post all our Sticker Decals

Starting as a small side business in a small bedroom, the passion and zeal with which we have been creating wall art vinyl’s here at Retro Wall Arts, has today allowed us to grow into a global operation. With 10 years of experience under our belt, we produce only the highest quality wall art vinyl’s. Our company brand centres 3 main objectives: quality, affordability and style!

Quality: Every single vinyl is custom, hand-made to order. We use the best equipment and materials to manufacture your products right here in the heart of Manchester 🐝

Affordability: We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality products at extremely affordable prices. We believe that all homes are worthy of being decorated and adorned!

Style: Our unique selling point of making all products to order means that our customers have full creative control. We have an extensive range of designs already on offer, and for customers wanting personally customised designs, all you have to do is email us with your query!

The culture of creativity and innovation that underpins our brand means that our product range goes beyond just wall vinyl’s, we offer CNC Machine cut Premium Metal wall arts, and personalised garments such as t-shirts and hoodies, as well as face masks!

We believe in the transformative power of art and that our vinyl’s can really shape any living space to be what our customers want it to be. If you are looking to liven up, customise, personalise and decorate your home, then look no further than our online store!

We look forward to your custom 😊