Here’s Why You Should Decorate Your Gaming Room With Retro Wall Arts Sticker Decals

Gamers love to decorate their surroundings with gaming-related customizations. 


Visit any hardcore gamer’s room and you will see tons of RGB lights, customized gaming rigs, beautiful PC cooling systems, custom gaming equipment like mice & keyboards — and much more. 


Needless to say, a gamer’s life is incomplete without the bragging rights of a cool, colourful, and detailed room setup. That’s why almost every gamer makes “gaming room tour” videos almost every year to show off their latest and greatest gear. 


If you’re a dedicated gamer, you already know what we’re talking about, don’t you?


Today, we have something special for you. We’re going to help you take your gaming room’s customization to the next level. Everyone knows about RGB lights at this point, let’s get you something newer and better to outshine your fellow gamers!

Introducing Retro Wall Arts’ gaming sticker decals

That’s right, we have something you can use to customize every bit of your gaming room: gaming sticker decals. 


But beware, this level of customization is only for individuals who’re deeply into the gaming world. If you’re a novice, go ahead and close this page — it’s not for you! 


But if you’re a dedicated gamer with the urge to customize your setup to the fullest, keep reading.

Get started by customizing your gaming room’s walls

You’ve customized your PC’s chassis enough, it’s time to customize the entire room. 


Even if you’ve already installed RGB lights throughout the room, we can improve the customization even further. 


As experienced wall sticker designers, we know what suits best in custom gaming rooms. When you decorate the walls with custom gaming stickers, and couple them with RGB lights on top, things turn out to be amazing! 


We have many wall customization options in our portfolio. Browse through our shop and see how many wall customizations options we have for you. 


Pick the ones that fit your favourite style, buy them, and get them installed on your gaming room’s walls right away. For the best outcome, make sure you’re placing your RGB lights right above the gaming stickers to create a unique, colourful effect. 


Our wall decorating stickers are not only ideal for gaming rooms, but they fit perfectly well in bedrooms, too! Gamers who want to have their bedrooms speak loudly about their passion can also decorate their bedrooms with our custom gaming sticker decals. 


Even though you can also couple your bedroom’s sticker decals with RGB lights, we recommend otherwise. Bedrooms should look comparatively simpler than gaming rooms, so RGB lights may look like overkill to some. 


However, our gaming sticker decals fit perfectly well with standard room lights, making your bedroom look simple, clean, and gamer-ly at the same time!

Customize your gaming console to reflect your style

If you have a gaming PC, it’s easy to customize it due to the various customizable components available. From RGB fans and cooling pipes to glowing RAM sticks and heat sinks — there’s a lot to alter. 


But when it comes to gaming consoles, like PlayStation and Xbox, there’s not much you can do to customize them. 


Well, that changes now, as we have created a wide selection of custom gaming sticker decals you can use to customize your console. Our selection includes tons of custom decals for the latest gaming consoles like the PlayStation 5. 


We acknowledge there are other minimalistic decals available in the market — but come on, gamers are not looking for minimalism — they’re looking for customizations that shout gaming aesthetics! That’s why our portfolio includes gaming sticker decals that will be loved by gamers. 


Some of the most popular ones of our gaming sticker decals are “Eat. Sleep. Game.” stickers, Fortnite characters stickers, Among Us decals, and Gaming Zone decals. However, we have many other options you can choose from. Just browse through our store and see for yourself!

Don’t forget about controllers

How can you customize your consoles while completely forgetting about the controllers? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!


Retro Wall Arts’ portfolio includes many customization options for controllers, too. We have tons of custom-designed gaming sticker decals available for all kinds of controllers, including Xbox and PlayStation controllers. 


We recommend choosing the same skins for controllers as you choose for the associated console. However, we understand you might want to go the extra mile in customization and mix and match different controller styles — we respect your style! Pick any controller decal to go along with your console decals — and leave the rest to us!


After you’ve received your gaming sticker decals, it’s time to apply them. We have made our stickers in a way that they’re easily applicable. However, if you don’t want to take any chances, make sure you’re relying on someone professional to do this job for you. Take your console and controllers to a professional console shop to get the skins applied. 


In the case of wall stickers, they’re incredibly easy to apply and shouldn’t require any installation help. Just pick a suitable spot for them where they can complement your room’s look, and place them on top. 

Final thoughts

We know how important customization is to gamers. Plus, we acknowledge the standard customization solutions are getting outdated; gamers need something new, something fresh to go along with their traditional customizations. And that’s where our gaming sticker decals come into play. 


Our wide selection of stickers for walls, consoles, and controllers make it incredibly easy for you to pick a design of your choice and customize your gaming setup in no time!

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