Ramadan 2021 Countdown Begins!


The auspicious month of Ramadan is a time for reflection, contemplation and celebration. To help you prepare for a blessed month this Ramadan, we have provided the key dates to be aware of below.

When is Ramadan 2021?

The Islamic calendar follows the phases of the moon, commonly known as the lunar cycle. As a result, the Holy month of Ramadan falls approximately 10 days earlier each year in the Gregorian calendar. The Ramadan start date for 2021 is expected to begin on Monday 12th April 2021, following the sighting of the moon over Mecca. Lasting for 30 days, Ramadan will end on Tuesday 11th May 2021, with the celebratory days of Eid al-Fitr starting on Wednesday 12th May 2021 or Thursday 13th May 2021.

Opening hours in Ramadan?

As always our operating times will changes during the 30 days of Ramadan. Times will be updated a week prior to beginning of Ramadan.

Ramadan Mubarak from all of us here at Retro Wall Arts

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